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 Well, Good luck everyone.

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PostSubject: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:31 am

I have left NME, certain things have left me to this decision. If your captains deem it appropriate maybe they can feel you in. I wish you guys the best of luck, and hope to play with you all soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:46 am

[22:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa TainT_ TainT_
[22:54] <Mutton> so can someone explain to me why we let tarzul on our team if he was going
to play for only one match?
[22:54] <@lghtspd> ask Taint that questino
[22:54] <@lghtspd> our win has become
[22:54] <@lghtspd> TAINTED
[23:00] <Mutton> lol light
[23:00] <Mutton> im assuming no one knew beforehand but maybe im wrong :\
[23:45] <@YWontUDie> wtf he left?
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@YTB> yea he only joined nme to beat rome
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@YTB> gay
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@immigrant> malan likes to copy and paste previous comments, and
then post other ones that make no sense :p
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@immigrant> its like the third time tonight
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@esence> !pu
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@esence> i will host azn pu
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@Tarzul> well, i know it seems like that
[23:47] <@CrackerJacker> <@Tarzul> but, I had to join bottlecap quickly
[23:48] <@CrackerJacker> <@Tarzul> mind you
[23:48] <@CrackerJacker> <@esence> GOOGGOGOOGOG PU
[23:48] <@CrackerJacker> <@Tarzul> in order for the "match"
[23:49] <@CrackerJacker> as far as I knew, he was suppose to stay on our team, I was told he
was bored of S&H not getting challenges
[23:49] <@CrackerJacker> if I had known he wasnt gonna come back, would have never allowed
this, but who knows, he may still come back
[23:49] <@CrackerJacker> doubt it
[23:49] <@CrackerJacker> but who knows?
[00:05] <Mutton> well that sucks he was dishonest about it
[00:07] <Mutton> i mean this is 7man on a dead ladder... there's no legit reason to tribe hop
[00:08] <Mutton> alright im going to bed, seeya guys for practice tomorrow... we should try
to get a scrim :>
[00:08] * Mutton (gradisher@twar-4714ae6d.dhcp.wadsnet.com) Quit (Quit: )
[02:15] * @YWontUDie (ywontudie@twar-ccede2a4.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: [[00:33] <@kmz> gj
[02:17] <@TainT_> well we won that match as a team, so if you feel that the match is so
called "tainted" cause a few ppl brag about how good tarzul did in the match, and if you
also believe that we only won because of Tarzul, then thats a sad way to think about our
team. I knew he really wanted to play against Rome cause he hates malan like I do, but he
never said nothing at all about leaving. But oh well, either way, I had fun in the match,
and we won as a team, take what people how you see fit. gg's. Night.
[02:19] <@CrackerJacker> I think he meant Tainted, as of way of saying you knew he wasnt
permanent, or something. I dk
[02:20] <@TainT_> [22:54] <@lghtspd> our win has become
[02:20] <@TainT_> [22:54] <@lghtspd> TAINTED
[02:20] <@TainT_> talking about us winning period
[02:20] <@CrackerJacker> yes, using your name as a parody in that expression
[02:20] <@TainT_> I had nothing to do with tarzuls actions
[02:20] <@TainT_> for 1
[02:20] <@TainT_> and for 2
[02:20] <@TainT_> our win was a legit win
[02:20] <@TainT_> with tarzul or without
[02:20] <@CrackerJacker> agreed
[02:21] <@TainT_> that's why I wish he would challenge again
[02:21] <@CrackerJacker> yeah, but there is a better way to do it, than a grudge match.
[02:21] <@TainT_> there's no grudge
[02:21] <@TainT_> we won
[02:21] <@TainT_> I don't have a grudge Very Happy
[02:21] <@TainT_> he's the one still talking trash
[02:22] <@TainT_> all I said was to challenge again
[02:22] <@TainT_> nothing at all wrong with that.
[02:22] <@TainT_> I was in NO WAY out of line
[02:22] <@TainT_> as people in lastgasp agreed earlier
[02:22] <@CrackerJacker> well, afterwards, you said you were tired of his mouth, thats the
best way to start a grudge match.
[02:22] <@TainT_> yup
[02:22] <@TainT_> I am tired of it
[02:22] <@TainT_> but the match has nothing to do with that.
[02:22] <@TainT_> He wanted to rematch
[02:23] <@CrackerJacker> ppl agreed earlier, what do you mean?
[02:23] <@TainT_> agreed that I wasn't wrong for asking him to challenge since he seems to
think we only won because of tarzul
[02:23] <@TainT_> hell a couple ppl told him he should
[02:23] <@CrackerJacker> who did? when was this?
[02:23] <@TainT_> sigh
[02:24] <@TainT_> ok look
[02:24] <@TainT_> I'm not about to sit here at 2:30am in the morning
[02:24] <@TainT_> and explain nothing
[02:24] <@TainT_> the fact is, it's mighty funny how everyone's telling him to challenge us
[02:24] <@TainT_> after what I said earlier today
[02:24] <@CrackerJacker> you know what, im done taint, you have a bad attitude man. Good luck.
[02:24] <@TainT_> coincidence?
[02:24] * @CrackerJacker (rtsdeathspa@twar-d8981de3.at.cox.net) Quit (Quit: )
[02:25] <@TainT_> lmfao @ me having a bad attitude just cause I told malan that if he wanted
to talk about us only winning because of tarzul, then he should rematch
[02:25] <@TainT_> but whatever.
[02:26] * CrackerJacker (rtsdeathspa@twar-d8981de3.at.cox.net) has joined #-NME-
[02:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +o CrackerJacker
[02:26] * @CrackerJacker (rtsdeathspa@twar-d8981de3.at.cox.net) has left #-NME-

I'm not sure how I was wrong for my opinions in all this, considering all I done was tell malan to just stop talk trash and that if he believes that we only won because of Tarzul, then to re-challenge. Anyway, just to also inform on Tarzuls situation: I was NOT aware he planned on leaving the team after this match. He did say he really wanted to smash malan because of his dislike for him, but he also said he was bored with the non-challenging going on with TWL and his other team Stack-n-Hack. I had no clue this was going to happen after the match, just to clear that up (lght). Smile

Sorry you decided it was worth leaving the team, but honestly, its your choice. My attitude was directed towards malan only because instead of talking, he just needs to challenge again to see just how much tarzul helped us "win". GG's anyway man.

Edit: I posted this in regards to him saying maybe a captain will fill everyone in, so I'm doing what was asked.


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PostSubject: wtf   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:28 am

I go out and get fucked up and all this shit happens. wtf?

amazing what happens in one day.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:53 am

Taint, It isn't all about tonight. The truth is, I just don't think I can take your outlooks on everything. Your a cool dude, and I don't hate you or anything, and definately don't want to start a fight.

It just seems like every time I talk to you, or hear you talk, your confrontational about something. Like the other night, Slushy was trying to give you capping hints and you just kinda....well, took it as a challenge to your skills or something.

Another example would be, when Kris and I were LD'n against you on CCD. You came in for a grab, and mutton spawned and started shooting in one direction over and over, you got upset saying that we had 3 LD.
We told you he just spawned but you wouldn't listen and argued, In team Chat kris said Wtf? or something to the sort.

I just honestly feel your too confrontational for my personality and would prefer not to fight with you almost everytime we get in ts lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:35 am

wasnt' trying to be like that, and trust me, thats the truth bro. I'm sorry if I came off that way Neutral the matter with slush was, I always fuck with him, and thats how it started, but then of course he started back, like slush does. I truly wasn't trying to cap, that was true, and when I tried, I capped no prob. I was giving slush a hard time to begin with. I wasn't in the best mood that day anyway as it was, I think I even told soc that. like I said, Im sorry if you took me being that way, but I can honestly say I wasn't trying to be. and its not all the time, you know that cracker, 90% of the time we have good convo's on TS, laugh and shit. So its not like its everything you are on TS. I hated to see you quit over something like this, like I said, I don't have a bad attitude, but I guess it seems that way. I don't like to be told I cant do something...when sometimes I'm just messing around and REALLY not trying, like I have said. I don't say that just to say it, I don't run routes hardcore non-stop everyday. I tend to mess around sometimes too. I ran them perfect in the match because I was TRYING to run them. I like to have fun. I'm far from the best capper, but I'm good, and when I mess around, its messing around, not me doing a shit job. Yes cracker you stop me most of the time, but you are a good LD, thats the reason. Anyway, GG's man, sorry you had to take it to this level all because I sometimes come off as confrontational. But you know damn well its not "almost everytime" as you so say it in your post. That's just not true, and I'm sure others could say tht. But yes, there are times. But You are a very cool dude man, have played with you for awhile, and just dont understand why you took things like this. I understand the confrontational part, but jus cause I tell malan to just challenge instead of talkin shit, is beyond me.



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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:11 pm

Taint, you are a faggot. When I read this post, I literally LOLed. Its appears that the memebers of your team were the only players blissfully unaware, IN THE ENTIRE T2 COMMUNITY, that Tarzul joined for the sole reason of beating my team. Apparently, you led them on, but that is something I would expect from a shitty team leader. My team is new, and we had 2 no shows, both heavies. You will have your rematch, and a challenge is coming within days, so dont you worry your pea brain.

But, you are not good. You are probably one of the worst players on the ladder. Sure, you got me a couple times in the match with some caps, but that is because you had 6 others helping you. Anytime you wanna run some cap routes 1v1, Ill kill you 100% of the time. As for you not having a bad attitude, you are only kidding yourself. I went off on you, only after you CONTINUALLY BITCHED, for about 45 minutes, in teamspeak and in global chat, about an MPB deployment that I fucked up in the first 30 seconds of our first scrim map. Act like having an MPB was going to help us win when we lost the map 10-0. When you decided to keep putting me down, and act like it was my fault we lost the first 2 maps, I had enough, and went off and told you how SHITTY of a player you truly are. I then quit the team, even tho I would have been kicked regardless. There are other members of your team that share CJ's feelings, regardless of whether you choose to believe me or not.

Its funny that you should talk shit, like YOU really did something to help NME win. It took a few of some of the top tier players to not only JOIN, but formulate strats for your team. You can run your mouth all you want, but the fact is, my team and I capped more in my first match, WITH A BUNCH OF PLAYERS THAT REALLY NORMALLY PROBABLY WOULD NOT START, that I did in all 4 of my matches with NME/TDZ combined. 2x more caps. As soon as we have some reliable HO. You can expect your challenge, and well see how much Tarzul, and CJ, had to do with your win.

GG Soc, Mutton, Ed, Slushy, and CJ.

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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:01 pm


Your are now the biggest fucking loser troll i have ever talked too. Why the fuck would you even invite your self in here to talk this kinda shit! for the record. with or with out tarzul your asses were mopped up. All tarzul did was what he wanted a few caps and a little spamming everyone else locked it down that = you getting fucked. at no time has any nme player gone to your site and posted comments. Why would you come in here and say that shit? Is it because you actually think cracker is going to join you ? because guess what it wont happen! GO waste somemore of your life will ya!
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:38 pm

Taint, again its not because you told malan to challenge, its the way you did it. I just simply told both of you to STFU, it was already starting. I showed Soc the logs. I didn't quit because of what you said, I quit because of the attitude you gave me afterwards. You basically wouldn't listen to a word I said, you just cut me off saying your done talking.

As for the rest of the community wanting malan to challenge again, of course they do, its one recking ball of a joke to them. Even then, I was all for Malan challenging again but for different reasons. My reasons are for improving our game as well as his. I don't care for all this drama shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:25 am


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PostSubject: Re: Well, Good luck everyone.   

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Well, Good luck everyone.
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